15 – 17 June 2016, Ashurst Lodge, New Forest, UK

Presented by Dr Jorge Diaz Tejada, ITESM-Arquitectura, Mexico
Organised by Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton, UK


This two and a half-day course provides a unique opportunity to learn from the practical experience of an instructor in the field of Disaster Management. The course stresses the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach in Disaster Management. It also points out the relevance of multi-stakeholders’ engagement for successful post-disaster management activities.

The course comprises of the following topics:

  • Definitions and concepts
  • Problem analysis and response
  • Post disaster enquiries and recovery
  • Project development and management
  • Risk reduction and sustainable mitigation plans
  • Disasters and national development.

After taking this course, the participants should have a comprehensive understanding of the key issues that may arise when a disaster occurs (earthquake, tsunami, flood, hurricanes etc).  Three main tasks will be addressed:

  • Governance in a Post-Disaster Scenario
  • Project development and management
  • Architecture and Urban Planning projects

More information: http://www.wessex.ac.uk/