60th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, and
1st Policy Congress of ISSS


Leadership for Sustainability of Socio-Ecological Systems

“Unity in Diversity — Humanity in Technology”

University of Colorado, Boulder linked with Vadlamudi, Anhra Pradesh, India, Biotechnology Department, Vignan’s University


The #ISSS2016 US-INDIA Conference promises to be an exciting and ambitious conference building upon the success of last year’s conference in Berlin.

This year will be a dual conference held at both the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, in collaboration with Vignan University’s Department of Biotechnology, Vadlamudi, India, with live video links in the morning and evening.

The conference dates and themes for 2016:
Boulder, 24th – 30th July 2016: Realizing Sustainable Futures in Socio-Ecological Systems
Vignan, 23rd – 25th July 2016: Leadership for Sustainability of Socio-Ecological Systems
For both conferences the guiding principles are:

Unity in Diversity — Humanity in Technology

In addition, the conferences will have daily themes, an excellent line-up of keynote speakers, panels and Special Public Events in the evenings.

Paper sessions, workshops and posters can be submitted to address themes, daily themes, and/or SIGs for which you can consider the application of your research to advance systems sciences:


Day 1 (Monday): Frameworks for Systemic Sustainability: “When are Complex Systems Sustainable?”
The Challenge of System(s) Sustainability
Towards Holistic System(s) Theory
Realizing Sustainable Futures
Day 2 (Tuesday): Global Science and Ecosystem Assessments: “From Problem to Solution Orientation.”
Coupling Human and Natural System(s) Research
From Crisis to Synergy (Anticipatory, Exploratory and Participatory Methods)
Day 3 (Wednesday): Cultural, Ethical, and Economic Wisdom: “Reuniting Nature and Humanity”
Making Sense in Economics, Ethics, and Policy
Multi-Cultural Wisdom
Inter-Faith Perspectives on Global Sustainability
ISSS Policy Summit
The Edges of Science
Day 4 (Thursday): Engineering and Systemic Synthesis: “Creating Sustainable Systems”
Engineering Sustainable Systems and Technology
Prospects for Scientific Systemic Synthesis
Day 5 (Friday): Education, Communication, and Capacity: “Making it Whole”
Systems Literacy Education and Outreach
The Whole Person in a Whole society



Day 1 (Saturday): Food, Energy, and Water Systems: Engineering for Sustainability
Renewable and sustainable energy
Sustainable and healthy food systems/Engineering systems for
Day 2 (Sunday): Economics, Business, and Green Technologies
Circular economic models for business, societies, entrepreneurs and communities
Green technologies- agriculture and livestock/Use of sensors for sustainability
Day 3 (Monday): Habitats and Ecosystem Sustainability
Habitat resilience (rural, urban, forest and natural ecosystems)
Valedictory session



Over the coming week you will see:

  • The launch of the Conference Website
  • Registration for the conference opening on the 15th March, 2016 at 08:00am, Los Angeles time. For Registration prices please [click here].
  • General Call for Papers and SIG Information
  • Speaker Line-up and Special Events program
  • Graduate Student Program
  • Awards Program
  • Accommodation in Boulder
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Detailed information of the India Programme and Registration
  • Sched.org online conference program that enables you to take control of your conference program, upload your documents and connect with other attendees.

For absolute up-to-date information please go to http://isss.org/world/Colorado_2016.

Upcoming Deadlines

Abstracts and papers are now being accepted:

Please submit your abstracts by April 16, 2016 for Review.

  • Accepted abstracts will then have 10 weeks for Paper submission by June 1, 2016.
  • Only ONE presentation abstract per registered participant will be accepted for the conference. You may also submit a poster and workshop abstract.
  • Late abstracts may be accepted on a space available basis, but we may not be able to include these in the printed programme.
  • Please refer to instructions for Preparing and Submitting Abstracts and Papers consistent with the ISSS proceedings style.
  • You submit your abstract and full papers to ISSS Journals.
  • If you submitted a paper in previous years, the login will be the same. If you did not, then you will need to register before submitting to the site. Note: journals.isss.org is independent of the userid and password on the ISSS World web site.

March 15, 2016 : On-line registration begins.

More information for booking accommodations will be added to this web site, as procedures are formalized. MAY 15, 2016: end of early, discounted registration.

April 15, 2016 : The deadline for workshop proposals.

June 1, 2016 : The deadline for poster abstract submission.

  • Only one poster abstract per registered participant will be accepted for the conference.
  • Poster abstracts are submitted in the same way as paper abstracts, and after abstract acceptance, should be prepared and brought in person to the Conference where space will have been assigned for you to display and discuss your work.
  • Late posters may be accepted on a space available basis, but we may not be able to include these in the printed programme.

June 1, 2016 : The deadline for full papers to be noted in the programme.

  • Only ONE submission per registered participant will be accepted for the conference. If late papers are developed, or revisions are made to already submitted papers, we can continue to make changes to the on-line Journals proceedings on an on-going basis.

July 24, 2016 : Pre-conference workshops are scheduled beginning on Sunday morning. Workshops on Saturday will be arranged if sufficient interest and proposals are made.

  • The welcome reception for the ISSS meeting traditionally starts on the Sunday at 6 p.m. Plenary sessions begin on the Monday morning (25th July).
  • Attendees interested in participating in pre-conference and post-conference workshops should plan to check into their accommodations on the 23rd July and the 30th July respectively).

Más información: http://isss.org/world/