In September 2014 acting on a motion by the Secretary General of the IFSR, Gerhard Chroust, the IFSR-EC, bestowed on Charles François, Argentina, Honorary President of GESI,  the title of


 for outstanding services to the IFSR and the Systems Community at large

Specifically the following achievements were recognized:


  1. Author of the first reference work in Spanish in the systems field: the Dictionary of Systems and Cybernetics, edited by GESI and IAS in Buenos Aires, 1992.
  2. Author of the first seminal Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics (two editions): François, C.:  International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics, K.G.Saur, Munich 1997, ISBN 3-598-11357-9 and
    François, C.:  International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics. 2nd edition, 2 volumes, K.G.Saur, Munich 2004. 739 pp.ISBN 3-598-11630-6.
  3. Donor of part of his accumulated multidisciplinary library: proceedings, books and journals to the Systems Community via the BCSSS.
  4. Key person in founding and maintaining interest, activities and new systemic groups of research in Systems and Cybernetics in Latin America.
  5. Founder and for a long time president of “GESI” (Group for the Study of Integrated Systems), the Argentine National Division of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) in 1976.
  6. Active contributions to the systems sciences by conceptual research work and as Visiting Professor at various universities in Argentina and at numerous conferences.
  7. Continuing support for the International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR).


For an extensive CV see

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This year the annual meeting of ELAPDIS (Escuela Latinoamericana de pensamiento y diseño sistémico) was hosted by ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires) on November 12 to 15. During the last session an homage was held to acknowledge contributions of the eldest of GESI to the systems movement.

In was a magnific occasion since several of the participants from Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia and Argentina were aware of Charles François’s work. Pedro Luna, founder of FundArIngenio, an institution based in the north of Argentina, handed the plaque “Fellow of the IFSR” over to Charles François.

The GESI also took the opportunity to recognize Charles François, Enrique Herrscher and Ernesto Grün nominating them members of GESI’s “Council of Notables”. Gloria Nazer was nominated “Distinguished member” for her constant contributions over decades to Charles François’s efforts and to the systems movement.

The gathering concluded with Bob Dylan’s song “Blowing in the Wind”, for its significance to our challenges and life’s.




Front, from left to right: Gloria Nazer, Enrique Herrscher, Ernesto Grün and Charles François.

Back, from left to right: José Luis Roces, Eva Sarka, Silvia Zweifel.